Monday, June 4, 2012

Sorry for the interruption but i can't take this anymore. These photos are so-good to not share hehe.
Well, She's my very lovely sister who just wore our grandmothers's master piece which is the dress. Isn't it so pretty? with matching head-dress? oh! wait speaking of head-dress, its my ate's master-piece also she made it all by her self and if you also what to learn how to make some head-dress don't cha worry because i'll just post a tutorial of this head-dress very soon. So, sure not to be not-so-updated about this blog. lol just kidding. :) x

I think this song suit her very much. I dedicate this song to her, actually this is one of my fav. song and cover by one of my fav. artist also "PIXIE LOTT" check it out -> 

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