Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's go! People always say that my music's loud Sorry for fangirling! :D

certified a fan of her ever since i saw her on her hit tv series on disney " The Wizard of Waverly Place".

warning: over-acting overload hekhek

History of my fangirling 101:

gosh! sorry for that lolness title history of my fangirling 101. Well, Aside from She is a very good-looking lady  and possess a very angelic voice. She also have a very pure heart that somehow gives me an inspiration to help others especially those who are really in need. I always watched her Vevo channel because there's a documentary about her on that channel . Hmmm... Actually I really don't know why I love her so much though almost all of the people that know her kept on telling me that No! eeew! She's a user, She's just using Justin for her own fame but inside my head i'm just " whatever! i don't give a Sh*t and i really don't care." 
although i cannot deny that i kinda feel that She really don't love Justin that much but hell! No! i don't really care. I love her, I love her music, I love her style, I love how She treat her fans and that's all that matters to me nothing more , nothing less. 

btw thanks for reading this sh*

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