Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is a hipster fashion/style?

for me, hipster style is not just a style that i think originally born in the western part of the globe. Hipster style is not famous here in the Philippines compared to Korean style that is a hit trend.I define Hipster style As a ragged style that has a swag I made a definition of a hipster style. the classy one and the street style, I learned to love this fashion and I called it "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" the first time I saw it from a tumblr blog I could not explain the excitement I felt to have and own that styles and I knew that time that I will be hook to its style. Having and applying the "modern-hipster-style" is a very hard work more like a "risk-taking" first of all because its not yet known here and the clothes are really expensive. It involve boots,vans,leggings,shades and..and socks..and etcetera that makes it expensive but for me if you truly love and like to have and own and be a hipster it is just a matter of mixing of clothes , believing , trust and confidence to ramp that clothes in a hallway :)) If you are still confuse of what a "modern-hipster" is, take a look of some of the photos I saved from my usb before and I highly give respect and credit to the owners that I no longer remember, to those who owns these, I thank you for sharing these super awesome photos and I promise if ever I remember your tumblr account I'll surely give a credit :))


      Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner (My two favorite fashion Icons ^^ )    


Julia Baretto ( My favorite Filipino-Hipster)

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