Thursday, July 5, 2012

WORK IT GIRL!!!!!!! :D

It doesn't need to have expensive beauty products to look blooming and refreshing every single day. You just have to find something that are very reasonable in price but very safe and effective and doesn't cause any allergies on your face and skin. I'll give you a tip. here's a very effective and very good cream . It's the MAYBELLINE NEW YORK CLEAR SMOOTH B.B CREAM 8-IN 1 SKIN TRANSFORMER .
It has spf 26 to protect your face from the light and it brightens, even, smoothes, clear and moisturizes and of course protect your skin. (I just mentioned it And the thing that I really love about this cream is that it doesn't make you look like you really applied a cream it looks really natural and it really blends your skin tone. (Extra tip: just choose wisely in terms of finding the right B.B cream for your skin tone , just know your skin type.And work it girl :D )
And try this SMOOTH
MINERALS from AVON for your cheeks to have a very natural pinkish cheeks :))

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